Addictive Drums Demo

Addictive Drums Demo 3.6

Developed by MindVision Software
3.6 (See all)

The Demo version of Addictive Drums is fully functional software!
You can load and save presets, get a taste of the Beats and Fills (Midi Library) and tweak away on the built in insert effects and reverbs etc. It includes some tasty presets that give you a good idea of what AD is capable off.

It is not time limited. Use it as much as you want whenever you want.

Only 1 Kick, 1 snare, 1 Hihat and 1 Crash is provided.
The real version ships with lots of different drums, cowbells and cymbals.
A very limited "taste" of the rhythms in the AD Midi Library is provided.
The real version has over 3000 Midi files.

Note that AD is a virtual instrument, you will need a host/sequencer to use it.


Review summary


  • Great user interface!


  • You need special (and expensive) hardware to use it
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